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Jun 18, 2005

This week we have received a message from a forest ranger about one of our young donkeys being attacked by a wolf! A sheep dog tried to save him from the wolf’s jaws, but unfortunately his wounds were too deep.
I immediately phoned our vet Nelu Antal and we rushed up to see if we can save him, although his deep wounds were quite advanced now. However, we put him in our truck with his mom and transported them to our centre for further medical attention.

Mar 15, 2005

We have received  some news and a couple of pictures about STELA the other day, who is enjoying her life in the USA as a new resident! She was our first horse and one of our clients decided to buy her for his daughter, after visiting our equestrian centre in 2003.
We were all very happy for her, although she looks a bit fatter than she should be in the photos…


Călimani Equestrian Center

This website is dedicated to horse riding enthusiasts and to those enjoying the beautiful landscapes of the Transylvanian mountains!

Horseriding adventures in Transylvania

We've started our own horse riding adventure by building a small horse breeding ranch in the heart of the Calimani mountains. The geographic location of the ranch puts us in a very unique position in Transylvania, on the upper stream of the Mures river, at about 80 km from Tirgu Mures, 45 km from Reghin and 20 km from Toplita, at approximately 750 m above sea level.

Over the past few years, we've managed to develop a strong logistic foundation: more than 15 beautiful horses, well trained and equipped by our own trainers; a beautiful and highly comfortable lodge located right next to the horse ranch and equipped with modern facilities.

Our horse riding trips are the perfect choice for those who love nature and animals, by providing them with the opportunity to observe the rich flora and fauna, typical of this region. For those of you who want to enjoy watching the wild life in the forests, these trips are most recommended during springtime and early summer, when mother nature's power of revival is most impressive. But the trips can be performed all year long, for the pure pleasure of horse riding or hiking on mountain paths.

Depending on weather conditions and tourists' options, the horse riding trips will consist of adventurous 25 to 35 km riding distance on mountain paths daily, having picnics in the forest and campfire dinners and enjoying traditional meals in peasants' homes or picturesque lodges.

Please use the left menu to read more details about the horse riding routes, or see some pictures taken during the trips. You can also ask for special customized trips using the contact form